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Conference and HeritageACT! Supporter

Thank you to everyone who attended our conference.

The North East comes together to celebrate the past and future of our industrial heritage

The Tyne & Wear Heritage conference took place last month at the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle. The event attracted over 150 individuals and representatives of local history groups who came together to celebrate the contribution of the Tyne & Wear to the industrial revolution.
Attendees enjoyed talks from TV personality and writer Adam Hart-Davis as well as long-time North East ambassador and broadcaster John Grundy.

The 2016 Tyne and Wear Heritage Conference

'Innovation, Invention, Industrialisation' conference was held in January 2016 to celebrate the role of Tyne & Wear in the industrial revolution and HeritageACT! was launched - to engage local communities in the conservation of their heritage.

Adam Hart-Davis & John Grundy were our keynote speakers






One of the aims of the conference was to highlight successful restoration projects, such as Dunston Staiths on the river Tyne, in the hope of inspiring attendees to think about features in their own communities that might need restoring and protecting.
The forum are encouraging delegates and others to take part in a pilot scheme for the HeritageACT! Project, a competition and award scheme for groups to identify a feature of historical importance in their region and preserve and develop it for communities to enjoy in the future. The afternoon sessions included a series of workshops which offered advice and practical tips on conservation and preservation.

John Daniels, Chair of the Tyne & Wear Heritage Forum explains why HeritageACT! is so important “In every community there are certain heritage features associated with the history and particular legacy of a place. Some of these heritage features are at risk and in danger of disappearing through neglect, demolition, new developments or being transported out of the community to become an exhibit in a distant museum, and with their disappearance a part of the narrative of the community disappears for ever. By preserving these important landmarks we can provide a memorial and reminder of the community’s heritage.”
The conference radiated enthusiasm and pride for our regions heritage and delegates left with a sense of optimism and determination for the future enjoyment of these important landmarks.

If you are interested in taking part in HeritageACT! email or visit here to download forms

Here are pdf versions of our speakers' presentations

John Daniels - HeritageAct! 

Jules Brown - Community Engagement

Rebecca Burrows - Understanding the Significance of your Heritage Asset

Yvonne Conchie - Working with Volunteers

 Tim Crump & Steve Pardue - Interpretation & Communicating

Rachel Paterson - New Hazards in Old Buildings



You can view the delegate list here