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HeritageAct! Acting to protect the historic heritage of Local Communities

The Tyne & Wear Heritage Forum Conference 2016 will launch this new initiative.

The HeritageACT! Award scheme will be set up providing advice and support for heritage and history groups wishing to engage with this local community enterprise.

Protecting and preserving significant local heritage features at risk, for example the buildings, bridges, former industrial sites, pathways and traditional names, which give identity to a community and provide a link to its historic past.

Local heritage and history groups by extending their work in recording the history of their community to include conservation work.

The industrial heritage which formed the lives of local communities over a period of 250 years began to disappear in the 1950’s. Those surviving features associated with this period deserve recognition and preservation as a reminder of a key period in the narrative of each community.

HeritageACT! has now been launched. Download the forms now to take part

Download Expression of Interest Form

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