Northumberland and Newcastle Society

The Northumberland & Newcastle Society was founded in 1924.

For the past 90 years the Society has worked to protect valuable buildings and landscapes in the north east of England and has a membership of several hundreds scattered throughout Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside.

Through the work of several voluntary committees the Society examines planning applications and with the assistance of the part time Executive Director they make comment on applications and new builds with special attention being given to areas of exemplary conservation and architecture. We have been involved with many iconic buildings and landscapes over the years, and aim to preserve what is best of our heritage and encourage the best design for new buildings and developments. We are looking for, and encouraging, the creation of listed buildings of the future.

We have been influential in guiding and highlighting planners, developers and Councils and the committees are made up of members who often have professional experience in architecture, planning or are very knowledgeable about aspects of town planning and landscape heritage.

Our longevity gives an unique aspect and depth to our understanding of the challenges and dilemmas that our valued buildings and landscape are facing and we may find that we are monitoring buildings over decades not months.