Washington History Society


Washington History Society is an informal group of people who work together to keep the history of Washington alive. We collect and preserve photographs, documents and memorabilia, while taking an active part in raising awareness of the town's heritage through talks and exhibitions.

Washington history covers over 800 years and the Old Hall was home to the ancestors from which the 1st President of the United States - George Washington, inherited his name. The area had a rich mining heritage before becoming a New Town in 1964. RAF Usworth played a key part in repelling the Luftwaffe from Norway during the Battle of Britain in 1940. The Clan Crusader car was built here 15 years before the Nissan car plant arrived in 1986. These are just some of the surprising events & people hidden away in Washington's past. We aim to preserve it for present & future generations. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site - home of the Original Washington.

Help us preserve & share the history by the scanning of any photographs you may have. We are interested in any artifacts or information relating to the town. Come to our monthly meetings or contact us via Email or phone.