Carter's Well, Low Fell

Posted on Jun 26 2015

Carter's Well PumpAt TWHF we would like to showcase "case studies" where local heritage groups in the community have got together to save or improve something in their community. Our second case to feature is Carter's Well, Low Fell and the Low Fell Forum.

"Low Fell Forum is a community organisation that was set up with support from Gateshead Council. Our latest case study involves the Low Fell Forum and their plans for Carter's Well on Durham Road. The pump and commemorative plaque on Durham Road is pictured."

Elizabeth Halliday from LF Forum explains :

"Carter's Well in the centre of Low Fell, Gateshead was an important part of local daily life for 200 years, providing water that was so pure and tasty it was celebrated in poetry.
After the main Durham Road was built above it and the well closed in 1895, it fell into disrepair and neglect. Most local residents have little or no knowledge of their well.
The plan, if a Heritage Lottery Fund is granted is to clear the site, open the archway around the well, replacing the stones with a metal portcullis grid and create a wildlife friendly garden around it. A mirror placed opposite the well would reflect its entrance and some of the surrounding planting to passers-by on the Durham Road. Limited access to the site would be granted to historical society groups, local people and school children.
This with the publication of leaflets and a small exhibition in Low Fell Library would help restore the well to its rightful place in the community, reminding residents of their history as both a mining village and then a wealthy Victorian suburb."

Carter's Well

The actual well behind the wall on Durham Road is pictured left and is Grade II listed.

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