Continuing the Stephenson Legacy

Posted on Nov 20 2015

Kilingworth Engine









Last week an interesting meeting was held in North Tyneside to discuss ways of marking further the legacy of George and Robert Stephenson in the wake of the Blucher/ Stephenson 200 Anniversary Project which included the reinstallment of the Killingworth Engine (pictured)

Attending the meeting were the following parties :

  • North Tyneside Council including representatives from The Stephenson Museum
  • Local Councillors
  • Northumberland & Newcastle Society
  • Robert Stephenson Trust
  • Killingworth Local History Society
  • Wallsend Local History Society
  • West Moor Residents Association
  • Tyne & Wear Heritage Forum

The topics discussed were as follows :

  • Commemoration of the site of West Moor Colliery - where George first tested his safety lamp
  • Possible blue plaque to mark site of Rutter School - where Robert was educated
  • Commemoration in St Bartholemew's Churchyard - where George's first Wife Fanny and his infant daughter are buried
  • Possible blue plaque at Jasmine House - where Robert was baptised
  • Possible use/re-use of Dial Cottage - where George and Robert lived.

TWHF believe that this is a fantastic project in the making and we will keep you informed of any developments as time goes on.


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