HeritageACT! Community Groups Legal Status, Governance, Skills and Funding.

Posted on Jan 17 2017


Hardly a subject to get the blood racing! However "Community Groups Legal Status, Governance, Skills and Funding" is a vital part of any community group's existence. Nearly all groups need funding and their governance is directly related to the type and amount of funding that can be achieved for Heritage at Risk projects.

As part of our HeritageACT! scheme supported by Historic England, TWHF arranged for a small workshop style session with Michael Guy, who is Historic England's Head of Legal Services, to meet with our HeritageACT!Groups at the fantastic Bessie Surtees House.

Michael's presentation of a what could have been a dry subject was excellent and entertaining and even involved a quiz to keep us on our toes. Michael has kindly allowed us to add the slides from his presentation to our HeritageACT! Toolkit on our website so that they are available for anyone to view.

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